When it comes to purchasing box trucks for a fleet, productivity and efficiency should be the primary concerns. If the box truck selected impedes the driver's ability in either of these areas, the truck might actually be doing more harm than it is good. Make sure you know how to ensure the box trucks you select enhance productivity and efficiency.

Non-Compatible Box Length And Chassis

When you fail to pair the appropriate sized box length with the correct type of chassis, you could end up with a serious weight distribution issue on your hands. For example, when you select a chassis that is significantly shorter than the length of the box, it causes the rear side of the box to hang over.

Since this overage isn't supported, in extreme cases where there is an excessive amount of weight in the rear of the box trailer, it could cause the truck to tilt backwards, which could have an effect on the transmission. Before purchasing a box truck, verify that the length of the wheelbase can safely support the length of the box trailer.

Correct Floor Style

The type of floor style the box truck has is also important. What types of products you plan to transport in the unit should be your main consideration. Two common options include hardwood and aluminum. Take a water bottle transport company, for example. In this scenario, it would make more sense for this company to select an aluminum style truck than it would a hardwood floor style.

The likelihood of water spilling at some point during transport is high and any spilled water has the potential to rot the wood, putting the integrity of the floor at risk. Aluminum, on the other hand, would be better equipped to resist moisture-related damage.

Forklift Package

If you are looking for a fleet of box trucks, you aren't just concerned about transporting goods efficiently, but also loading and unloading them as efficiently as possible. If you don't consider the forklift package on the trailer, you will likely fail in this area.

When choosing a truck, always look for an option that has a forklift height that will be able to accommodate the height of your dock. You also want to ensure it has a weight capacity that is able to support the weight of the loads you typically handle.

Make sure you are making your box truck fleet selection with success in mind. Contact a company like House of Trucks for more information.