One of the most important parts of a motorcycle are its tires. However, some owners put the safety and integrity of their tires at risk simply by engaging in common, overlooked mistakes. Make sure you know what mistakes to avoid to protect your tires.

Overlooking Weight

Many motorcycle tire recommendations have a standard PSI rating. However, this rating has a lot to do with the weight of the passengers and any cargo they are carrying. The heavier the passenger or the weight of the cargo, your tire's PSI will need to be adjusted accordingly.

For example, for one particular tire, a 300 pound passenger load might have a PSI rating of 4; however, carrying passengers that are closer to 500 pounds might require you to increase the PSI. Failing to do so won't just put extra wear on your tires, but it can also make it harder to handle your motorcycle causing you to weave when operating it.

Improper Storage

In most parts of the country, driving a motorcycle during the winter months isn't feasible. As a result, many owners will store away their bike for the season. How you store away your motorcycle will have a lot to do with how good of a condition your tires are in once you're ready to ride again.

First, make sure you are storing the motorcycle in a dry area. Locations susceptible to high levels of moisture will only cause the tire to deteriorate if it is constantly exposed to water while in storage. In some cases this deterioration isn't immediately visible, so you may not find out that the tires are damaged until you get on the road and have a difficult time handling your bike.  

Choosing The Wrong Tire

On a standard vehicle, any tire can be rotated to any position on the vehicle because they all function the same. With a motorcycle, things are different. The front tire is responsible for braking and turning and the rear tire is primarily responsible for supporting the weight of the motorcycle and its power.

Since they each serve a different purpose they are designed differently. Driving with a rear tire in the front or two rear tires can drastically reduce the performance of your motorcycle. Make sure you are choosing the right type of tire for the front and rear.

Working with a tire specialist well versed in motorcycle tires like the dunlop elite 3 gl1800 tire set can help you avoid these mistakes and ensure you have the right tires for your motorcycle.