You may learn a lot of tips over the years about vehicle maintenance and repair, but sometimes, diagnosing unusual odors from your vehicle can be quite complicated. This is especially true when it comes to the fuel and exhaust system. If you notice weird smells radiating from your car or truck, taking a closer look at what certain smells could mean may save you a lot of money on potential repairs later on. Here are a few of the more common odors that are associated with fuel and exhaust issues and what you need to know as the vehicle owner.

The Unwelcome Odor of Rotten Eggs

Sulfur is a common source of rotten egg smells from your exhaust, and sulfur is usually found in the exhaust fumes that should be passing through the catalytic converter. Most drivers know they have a catalytic converter, but have no idea that its primary job is to convert carbon monoxide into more eco-friendly and safe carbon dioxide. Even though carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that is emitted from the engine, an ill functioning catalytic converter can contain sulfur buildup that will smell a lot like bad eggs or spoiled food. So, if this is something you have experienced, you should have the catalytic converter tested and replaced right away.

An Alarming Whiff of Burning Rubber

You never want to smell burning rubber coming from your tailpipe, as it usually signifies that something is overheating. However, in some cases, burning rubber odors will point to a completely different issue. The exhaust should be open and free flowing, but occasionally, something foreign can get trapped inside of the tubing, leading to the smell of something burning, and a possible fire hazard if it is not promptly found and removed.

The Overwhelming Fragrance of Gasoline

It is a common misconception that if you catch an overpowering whiff of gasoline from your exhaust system, or even while you are just driving your vehicle, it only means that the engine has been flooded with too much fuel. While this is sometimes the case, this is not something that should be happening a great deal or every time that you start your car. If you have this ongoing issue, there is a good chance that you have a fuel leak somewhere, and that is never a good thing. Talk to an auto mechanic to track down the source of the odor and have it fixed immediately.

When it comes to fuel and exhaust problems with your vehicle, you may be surprised at just how well your own nose is at tracking down a problem. If you smell something weird, do not hesitate to take your ride in to an auto repair shop, such as Cadwalader Service Centre, Inc., for advice and assistance.