Motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world love taking their bikes with them when traveling. This ensures they will have the opportunity to ride their bikes in somewhere other than their own hometown. When driving with a motorcycle in tow, it is very important to have it safely contained on a trailer that is ideal for hauling motorcycles. There are different types of motorcycle trailers available and each are designed to transport a motorcycle safely. These are some of the types of motorcycle trailers that are available on the market today.

Open Flatbed Trailers

Open flatbed trailers are also known as utility trailers and can be used for hauling a variety of different things. These trailers are the ideal size for motorcycles, but are not as large as trailers that are used to haul automobiles. Your motorcycle sits in the center of the trailer and is secured in place with tie down cables or chains.

Often these trailers also have a barrier in the front or back that gives added safety to prevent the motorcycle from sliding off. Some may also have rails built-in to help keep your bike in a parked position.

Enclosed Trailers

An enclosed trailer looks much like a general cargo trailer. However, they are usually designed with a ramp on the back so that entry and exit of the motorcycle is easier. The trailer fully encloses everything in it and is a long, rectangular shape. There is usually enough room inside to haul more than one motorcycle at a time.

Enclosed trailers are especially beneficial for those who haul their bikes frequently on long distance trips. Because the trailer is enclosed, there are no worries of damage from inclement weather or rocks hitting your bike while transporting it. Since these trailers are large, you will need to pull them with a heavy duty vehicle.

Specialty Enclosed Trailers

Specialty enclosed trailers have a more modern appearance. Most of these trailers are made slightly larger than the space needed to park one or two motorcycles upright. They close down in a clamshell like pattern and open by lifting the back upward.

Specialty enclosed trailers are designed just for hauling motorcycles or other bikes and have safety tie-down features inside to hold the bikes in place while hauling. These trailers are made of an aerodynamic fiberglass that is lightweight enough to pull with a medium-sized car.

Choosing the best trailer for your needs depends mainly on where and how far you will be hauling your motorcycle. If you go only short distances on paved roads where flying gravel will not be an issue, an open trailer should be sufficient. However, if you take long trips on various roads, look into enclosed motorcycle trailer sales