When your car is not running right, taking the time to go to the auto repair shop and having someone come get you while the repairs are being done can be a hassle. It would be great if the mechanic would come to where the vehicle is to do the repairs. In some places, this is possible. However, before you pick up the phone to call for auto repair services, you should consider a few things that might mean you should just deal with the complications and take the car to the shop.

Community Regulations

There may be regulations where you live or work that do not allow any type of mechanical work to be done unless it is in an enclosed garage. If you cannot provide an enclosed space, there is no reason to call for a mobile mechanic. If you are in a rented home, make sure that your lease does not prohibit working on a vehicle too; it is not worth an eviction or fine to have auto repair done at home.

Extent of Repairs Needed

It is possible to have the brakes replaced, an oil change or many other simple, minor repairs done right in your driveway or garage. However, if you need to have the transmission replaced, the cylinders bored, or the engine swapped out, it is best to take it to the shop. Any job that is going to take more than a day to complete will be better if done in a shop with all the tools and equipment handy.

When You Don't Know What is Wrong

Sometimes, it is possible to tell the mechanic what is going on with the vehicle over the phone and he or she will have a very good idea of what is wrong. However, sometimes the auto needs to be put on a diagnostic computer to know exactly what is wrong. You do not want the mechanic to just trade out some parts until the problem is fixed. Take the car to the shop and let them determine what needs to be done.

Keep in mind, you can always call the shop, describe what is going on and see if the work can be done at home or not. If they need to order parts, you can keep the car at home until the parts are available. If the vehicle still starts and runs, the mechanics can also tell you if driving it will cause more damage. Once the parts are in, if the job will not require too much time or special equipment, the serviceperson may be able to come to you to do the work.

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