Do you notice that there is liquid on the garage floor when you pull out of your parking space or on the ground after your vehicle has been parked on the driveway over night? There are a many different things that could be causing fluid to leak, but you want to pinpoint the problem right away.

There are lots of fluids inside the gar to help the motor run properly, and you'll want to look closely at the fluid on the ground. Make the following observations to determine what type of fluid it is, so you can call the mechanic.

Does it Look like Water?

If it looks like water and you are running the air conditioner, there may be condensation occurring when the vehicle shuts off from the Freon, and it is just water. You could also be leaking water from the water pump. If you think it's the water pump, you may need a new unit or the hoses may need to be replaced.

If the coloring is clear or slightly milky, you could be leaking power steering fluid or automatic transmission fluid. The mechanics will have to determine where the exact problem is.

Is it Dark?

If you are leaking a dark fluid from the car, it could be dirty manual transmission fluid, or it could be dirty motor oil. If it looks oily make sure you check your oil before you drive the vehicle to the mechanic, to make sure there is enough oil to drive the vehicle without doing any damage.

Take Fluid with You

If you can, put a piece of paper under the vehicle overnight, so you can take evidence of the leaking fluid with you to the mechanic the next day. They may take one look at the fluid and be able to tell you what type of fluid it is, and then they can diagnose the problem more quickly.

While you have the vehicle in you should get a tune-up. The mechanics can fix the faulty component that is causing the leak, and then change and top off all of your fluids. You don't want to ignore any leaking fluids in your vehicle, in case the fluid that is leaking is low or almost empty, and you then end up doing other types of damage to the vehicle. Get your sample and get to a mechanic to preserve and maintain your vehicle right away. To learn more, visit Steve's Radiator Service