Whether this will be your very first time in a limo, or you just want to be refreshed on proper etiquette, it is important to know the right way to behave in a limo. You should be clean, respectful, and well-behaved. Limo drivers are accustomed to the occasional rowdy behavior since some of their passengers have been partying and drinking, but that doesn't mean you can't also have proper manners. Here are some important rules to follow when you're riding in a limo from a company like Danaro Limousine Inc.

Arrive on Time

When you are done at your party, or the wedding reception is over, don't make the limo driver wait too long. You want to allow them plenty of time to drive you to where you need to go, and make any necessary stops on the way. While they can always charge you an extra fee if the standing appointment goes longer than expected, this also makes them late for their next appointment. Not only does it negatively affect the driver and limo company, but the people who have a special gathering after yours.

Be Respectful

You should always be respectful of the limo driver and treat it like any other business relationship. Be friendly to the limo driver, never demanding or rude. Just because they are driving you around, doesn't mean you should let it get to your head. As long as you are respectful to the driver, they will be respectful to you. A good limo driver will let you decide how much verbal interaction there should be. They will keep talking to a minimum unless you talk to them first. Don't use lewd language or harass anyone in the limo, including the driver. It is okay to ask for privacy and let the privacy window up, but try not to be too demanding or rude to the driver.

Behave Appropriately

When you are riding a limo, remember this is not a vehicle you have ownership of. You need to follow all of the rules of the limo company. If you got a non-smoking limo, do not smoke or allow any other passengers to smoke. Be careful not to spill drinks or food on the seats or the flood of the vehicle. Don't let anyone stand on a seat and stick their head out of the sun roof, as this is dangerous and distracting to the driver. Be careful not to damage any of the limo interiors. While drinking alcohol is often allowed, refrain from bringing illegal drugs into the limo.

Include a Tip

For the most part, gratuities will not be part of your bill. If you are satisfied with the driver's service, offer them a tip at the end of the trip. This can either be a set dollar amount you believe is fair, or a percentage of your total bill. Don't shy away from tipping more than the average amount if the driver went out of their way to make your trip memorable.