When picking up your car from an auto body shop, how do you know that the mechanic did an excellent job? When it comes to body works, you know that the mechanic has done a great job if the:

Car Is Clean

A professional repair shop will not work on your car and leave it covered in dust. The car should be cleaned and vacuumed after the repair session is done with. Apart from that, there shouldn't be any remains of used parts, rugs used to wipe off grease or any other such things in the trunk. Body shops tend to be dirty, but good mechanics will clean off the dirt so that you can drive off in your car without any misgivings.

Panels Are Properly Aligned

If your repair shop did a good job, then there shouldn't be any unnecessary gaps between the panels. Don't just look at the repaired area; examine the adjacent panels that may have been interfered with during the service. If all the panels are evenly aligned, then the doors will close properly, the two distances between the fender and the tires should equal, and the headlights should also be properly aligned.

Frame Specifications Printouts Match

Since it's difficult to identify a slight frame misalignment via visual inspection alone, you should ask for the automated frame specification printouts. To help him or her do the job properly, the mechanic will have taken the frame measurements before and after the repair. Matching specifications show a well-done job.

Paint Job Matches 

You also need to look at the paint job. Paint matching may be a challenge for amateurs, but professional auto body mechanics should get it right. It is only inexperienced or DIY painters who will rely on factory paint codes to get the color right. Your mechanic, however, is likely to use the codes plus his or her knowledge and experience to get a perfect paint match. This is why it is a good idea to pick up your car during the day; daylight will help you to confirm color consistency

One of the good things about developing a good rapport with a mechanic is that you can always rely on him or her to do a good job. You will have more trust in somebody with whom you have an ongoing relationship. If you have any additional questions, contact Import Automotive or a similar company.