If you live in a particularly sunny part of the country, your vehicle's paint job could be at greater risk of fading over time. Most paint jobs don't hold up well to extended time under the sun, starting to fade as time moves on. If you want to keep your vehicle looking brand new and keep it out of the auto repair shop, follow these tips.

Wash Often and Don't Forget the Wax

Taking your vehicle to the car wash on a regular basis is a great way to make sure that all of that dirt and grime doesn't get baked into your car after being out in the sun all week, but there is one key step you should always take while at the car wash for best results. Never pass on the opportunity to wax your car after you are down removing the dirt and grime. Wax protects paint from pollutants in the air but it can also directly defend against radiation from the sun. If your local car wash doesn't offer a wax that feels right to you, take the time to apply some by hand when you return home.

Actively Seek Out Shade

If you really care about protecting your car from UV rays, think about how you could change your daily routine to do so. For example, is there a parking garage downtown you could start using to park your car under a roof instead of leaving it in an outdoor lot all day. When parking on the street when running errands, opt for the spot with the tree branch over it for some natural shade. If you know your car will be outdoors in the sun for an extended period, there are some car covers you could purchase that will cover your entire vehicle from front bumper to back.

Protection Film from An Auto Detailer

If you want to really step up your game, you can take your car to a local auto repair shop that provides detailing services and ask them to install a paint protection film kit on your car. The film will help block the UV rays and will also provide additional protection from dirt, grime and flying bugs. Most of these films do a great job of being hard to detect, but will provide great protection for the paint that is underneath.

If you want your car to always look as good as the day you got it, take steps to protect your vehicle from the sun and other environmental hazards. Clean and wax your car often to provide it a layer of inexpensive protection. Consider getting paint protection film installed if you want to go the extra mile. When it is convenient for you to do so, seek out spots where you can park your car in shade or consider purchasing a car cover to shield your paint job from the sun. In addition to getting regular maintenance done at a shop like Wilson & Bell Transmission, keeping the paint looking good will help your car last for a long time.