When you need to repair or replace parts for your car, you can typically choose original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. OEM parts made by the manufacturer for your particular car. Or you can choose generic brand or aftermarket parts instead. Typically the generic parts are much cheaper, especially if you drive a luxury car, so many car owners wonder if the extra cost is worth it for those genuine parts. Before you decide, consider a few of the following factors.

1. You may have too many options with aftermarket parts

It might seem as if it's a good thing to have a number of options when it comes to aftermarket parts, but this actually makes it more difficult to determine if those parts are high-quality and if they'll last. Even something as simple as a spark plug can be made by a dozen or more different manufacturers and each of those brands will vary when it comes to the quality of its internal parts and whether or not it will be a good fit for your car. Having to sift and sort through all those different choices can make it difficult to know which is the best choice, whereas simply opting for an OEM part can mean that your choice is quick and easy.

2. It's good to have a warranty with your parts and repairs

Many aftermarket parts are offered without a warranty of any sort, or may have a very short warranty of only a month or so. This tells you quite a bit about the quality of those parts, if their manufacturer cannot back their production for more than a month if even that. Genuine OEM parts typically come with a lifetime warranty or with one that extends over several years.

In addition to the warranty of the part itself, consider that using anything other than genuine OEM parts when you need to make repairs can actually void a warranty on your car. Very often a car with any type of warranty must be repaired with genuine factory parts or that warranty is voided. Review your own purchasing or ownership paperwork to ensure you understand if this is the case for your own car.

3. A better fit means better performance

While aftermarket parts claim to be made to the same exacting specifications as OEM parts, very often this just isn't the case. When a part for your car doesn't fit even by the tiniest measurement, this can cause vibrations or compromise the performance of your car. This is an especially important consideration for those who drive luxury cars and who expect the smoothest ride and best handling.

Talk with a auto repair shop, like Barons Foreign Car Service, to find the parts that will be best for you in the long run.