If your vehicle was not indoors during the most recent hailstorm and gained a few dents from the hail, you can easily remove these dents yourself with the right supplies.

Identify How Many Dents You Need To Fix

First, you need to identify how many dents you need to get out of your vehicle. If the hail only left a few dents on your vehicle, you will only need to purchase one block of ice. However, if you have a lot of dents all over your vehicle, you should purchase a couple pounds of dry ice.

Make A Run To The Grocery Store

Next, you will need to make a run to either your local grocery store or your local hardware store to purchase the amount of dry ice you will need. You will want to bring along a Styrofoam cooler to put the dry ice in and work gloves so you can safely place the dry ice inside of your cooler.

You do not want to touch dry ice with your hands. Dry ice is extremely cold and prolonged exposure to dry ice can damage your skin. So, make sure you remember to bring some gloves along.

Remove The Dent With Some Dry Ice And Heat

Once you get home, remove the cooler from your vehicle. You will also want to get a hair dryer and an extension cord ready as well.

You may need to plug your hair dryer into an extension cord in order to reach all the dents on your vehicle. You will want to use the highest setting on your hair dryer. Point it directly at a hail dent. Keep the dryer pointed directly at the dent for about two minutes. The dent is ready when it feels warm to the touch.

Turn off the dryer and put on your heavy-duty work gloves. Quickly pick up a chunk of dry ice and place it directly on the dent. If the dry ice does not cover the dent, you will need to rub the dry ice over the dent. You will want to keep the ice there for about three minutes.

Remove the ice and wait a few minutes. The dent should pop itself right back out on its own. The temperature difference between the heat from the dryer and the cold from the dry ice worked together to cause the metal to contract. With a little bit of chemistry when the metal contracts, the dent will pop out of your vehicle.

Repeat this process for each dent that the hail caused in your vehicle. It will take you about five minutes per dent. So just multiple how many dents you have in your vehicle by five, and that is how many minutes you will need to dedicate to this project. For assistance, contact a professional like G P Automotive.