Very few people think of the idea of calling a tow truck service as a good time. The only reason why you'd ever want to call such a service is most likely if something has gone horribly wrong. But there are some benefits to identifying a local tow truck company that you can depend on in advance of actually needing their services. Here are three such benefits to seeking out a reputable local tow truck company you might not have thought of but will make you happy that you did if an emergency should arise.

A Locally Owned Company is Usually Less Expensive Than the Company Partnered with the Police

If your car is stuck or otherwise incapacitated on the side of the road, you may need to call the local authorities for assistance. But when the police arrive, they'll likely put in a phone call to the city auto pound and have someone come out to get your car. This auto pound and the police usually have a working agreement and the fees that the auto pound charges are usually higher than it would be if you went with a reputable locally owned business.

Quicker Response Time

Some popular national and even local automobile clubs have contracts with tow truck companies and can offer free towing in the event of an emergency, provided you have kept up with your dues for the club. But if you call for a tow truck through the auto club, you will have to use whatever company the auto club has hired. This company might not be close to your location, especially if it is a nationally based auto club that does not have an office in your town. Knowing the number of a reputable local tow truck service could get you the help you need much more quickly.

Great for When You Simply Don't Want to Tow Something Yourself

Most tow truck companies are used to responding to emergencies. The company might even need to keep most of their tow truck available for such events, based on any contracts in the area that they have signed. If you have something heavy to haul but don't want to risk trying to take it down the road yourself, like a fishing boat rental, you could ask the local tow company to do it for you. Short, local trips might not be as expensive as you would think, especially if you have established yourself with the tow truck company.

Keep the phone number of a good, local tow truck company (such as Car And Truck Services Inc.) handy and it may reap benefits in the future. Having your own go to service in case of emergency can give you peace of mind and might even be cheaper than the region's government-backed service. Local tow truck services can usually also respond faster than the ones that come as part of your national auto club package. Keep in mind you can also use tow truck services for non-emergencies, if you have a short haul that you can't or don't want to make yourself.