In today's society there is a common belief that new is always better. However, when it comes to your vehicle, you might be surprised to discover that this is not always the case. There are certain situations when purchasing a used vehicle part might actually prove to be a better option. Familiarizing yourself with these situations won't just save you money in auto parts costs, but also provide you with the peace of mind that you're making the right choice for your vehicle.

Minor Body Damage

After even a small fender bender, it's not uncommon to have some form of physical damage to your vehicle. Whether it's a small dent in your bumper or a scratch on your driver's side door – it's common. If you are only looking to repair a small amount of damage, purchasing a used body part makes perfect sense.

Take a dented bumper for example. Purchasing new would require that you had a new bumper installed and have it painted to match the color of your vehicle. If you can find your vehicle someplace else in the same color without bumper damage, you can just have the bumper installed on your vehicle without the additional cost of a paint job. While this is generally easier to do with an older vehicle, it's still worth looking. The money you save on the part replacement and repair will be well worth your effort.

System Replacement

Your vehicle is a complex mechanism made up of a number of parts that rely on one another. In some instances, a new part actually puts too much of a strain on the older systems it works with. Take your transmission and engine for example. Say you decide to purchase a new engine, but you still have your old transmission. Simply because of its age, your new engine is going to have more power than your old transmission.

This will cause your transmission to work harder just to keep up with your new engine, eventually leading to a malfunction. Your new engine will also have to work harder to make up for the lack in power your transmission is providing, this can also lead to premature failure. When it comes to inter-working systems, if you aren't going to replace all the parts, it's generally best to buy used.

When it comes to replacement parts on your vehicle, don't just think in terms of new or used, but instead, what will ultimately be better for your vehicle.